Yacht Claremont Club

Purchasing a Yacht Claremont Club NFT gets you exclusive access to discounted charters on our luxury 32m Yacht Claremont. The Yacht resides in Cannes, France. Our fully dedicated crew will accommodate you and up to seven of your guests.

A Yacht Claremont Club NFT also grants you access to in house events held in Cannes and New York. Giving you access to our wide network of individuals, ranging from business enthusiasts to sports professionals.

Holding your Yacht Claremont Club NFT will allow you to acquire future discounted charters, as well as early access to future projects including an upcoming project with our 42m luxury yacht.


Artist – Ethan Stamatakis

I am a self taught, NYC born and raised visual artist. I’ve been drawing since I can remember and painting since I was thirteen years old. In the past few years I’ve also started a career in tattooing. Being able to give a wider audience my work as a permanent gift has been fulfilling and opened many doors.

The content of the art has always been on the darker surrealism side. Even as a child I would draw depictions of death and melancholic characters in detail. Each person creates art from something inside of them. Drawing inspiration from content they’ve consumed/studied, life experiences, other artists, and some inexplicable resources within. Often my art takes place in a scary, grotesque imaginary world with figures and faces unable to contain themselves. But at the same time, I don’t want the viewer to have too much information, so they are able to create their own conclusions about my images.



Launch The Yacht Claremont Club

Build and grow a strong community, providing enjoyable luxury experiences to our users, while providing an ever growing network for our members to access


Introduce Yacht iRama to our community.

Our 42m Yacht iRama will be the perfect step up for our user to experience and enjoy


Intergrate our other assests into the community and continue to build our network

including our airport in up-state NY, with Private Jet experiences

Our Background

We have been in the property business for over 20 years. With properties around the world, including hotels, houses, private venues and even an airport. We have been buying, managing and selling assets for a long time.

We purchased yacht Claremont 9 years ago, and have personally enjoyed it, while maintaining a strong charter business. Moving with the times, it only makes sense to branch out into Web 3. We are hoping to build a community of positive and active members, who will not only get the chance to enjoy the luxury of the yacht, but also fit and grow into our ever expanding network.

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