Who Are We

Sandmine aims to display the worlds best NFT collections whether we own them or you do, We love to see the future brought to life on our screens at Venue C

Located in the Historic City of Cannes on the French Riviera, Venue C is a stylish hideaway perfect for family breaks, business retreats or even an NFT showcase.

Venue C is a combined 5 levels each being serviced by a dedicated elevator. This truly is a spectacular hideaway in the magical French Riviera.


The Ian Rush Collection


50 NFT’s Curated by Ian Rush himself

Gregory Berben Collection

Gregory Berben

The Gregory Berben Collection Created in his honor 

The Ian Rush x Gregory Collection

Gregory Berben x IR9

The  Gregory Berben x IR9 Collection 

The Yacht Claremont Collection

Yacht Claremont Collection

The Yacht Claremont Collection

Enjoy the Luxury and Style of Venue C


Rent this space to display your NFT collections in the gallery on our fifty screen setup. We can provide the Venue C experience with private chefs, canapés and drinks.